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Riassunto di letteratura inglese sull'età moderna: the age of anxiety, modernism, the modern novel, James Joyce, te rebellion against the church, impersonality of the artist, Virginia Woolf, a poetic use of language (2 pagine formato doc)

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The age of anxiety - The twenty century was marked by great transformations.

It was two world wars that modified the world and man and it developed science, communication and psychology. Men believe that all human misery would be swept away because they gave more importance to progress. In this period scientists and philosophers destroyed the Victorian age values and new views of man and universe emerged. At first this new ideas were introduced by Sigmund Freud in his work “the interpretation of Dreams” which explain the unconscious that created disturbing for the fact that man’s action are motivated by irrational forces. An other concept is infantile sexuality and the concept of “free association”.
All this influenced the writers of modern age, in fact it need new values that gave their the literature that was influenced also by science with the theory of relativity of Einstein; the Quantum Mechanics and theories of language of Wittgestein; the idea of time of Bergson and William James. The key-words of this new age were alienation, isolation and anxiety.


Modernism. Modernism is a movement that it developed at the beginning of twenty century when there was social and intellectual change. It refuses the values of previous age that it says Naturalism and Decadentism to make space to introspection. In fact one of the most important features is give importance to unconscious; an other one is no limit between space and time; the perception of reality as something of subjective etc.
The modern novel. Modernists are influenced by the new philosophies and new theories of unconscious. Their novels aren’t well planned or with a logical sense of stories but it were confused. In fact they say that isn’t necessary the passing of time to reveal a character but it need even one day to know it if we analyse the unconscious.

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They created new methods as Joyce’s epiphany, stream of consciousness and the interior monologue and refuse the omniscient narrator. The most important novelist are Joseph Conrad, Henry James; David Lawrence; Edward Forster. James Joyce and Virginia Woolf utilise a subjective narrative techniques.
The interior monologue - It was created in twenty century to reproduce the complexity of human mind. It express the unspoken activity of mind before it is ordered in speech, so the confused thoughts. It needs to distinguish it to the stream of consciousness that it is the psychic phenomenon itself not the verbal expression of it.