The Romantic Age

Considerazioni in inglese sul periodo romantico, con riferimenti storici e letterari: French Revolution. Napoleonic Wars. George IV. General literary introduction (2 pagine formato doc)

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The French Revolution

In 1789 French Revolution broke out, because the people couldn't stand the heavy taxation no more.
So they rose against the king ( Louis XVI ) and the queen ( Antoinette ). The Bastille was attacked, and all the privileges of clergy and nobles were abolished. Austria and Prussia invaded France, but their armies couldn't enter France people were afraid of the other countries; and the king Louis XVI was beheaded. Firstly England was an ally of the France, but when English people saw that Louis was executed, they were scared, and England was at war with France and Austria and Prussia, somehow France managed to win.

The Napoleonic wars

After the French Revolution, in France Napoleon took the power from 1769 to 1821. He was born in Ataccio a few days after Corsica became French possession.
He had Italian roots, and he was a general. He led the French army against U. K. In 1805 was protected from French invasion by the admiral Nelson, who defeated France in the battle of Trafalgar, in which I died. In the same year, Napoleon won also the Battle of Austerlitz. But there was a turning point, in the was against England, fought in Spain. So he decided to invade Russia (1814). But it was an unsuccessful , and he was defeated at Lipsia, together with the defeat inflicted by Wellington, and so he was sent in exile to the Island of Elba, but he escaped an collected an army, and he was at Waterloo. He passed away at St. Helena in 1821.