The picture of Dorian Gray: analysis and characters

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"The picture of Dorian Gray" was written by Oscar Wilde and it' s a very famous book.

The main characters are :
-Dorian Gray, a handsome man that loved himself and that was afraid to become old, because he thought that his beauty should disappear .
-Basil Hallward, an artist that made a fantastic picture of Dorian Gray: everyone saw it wanted to meet Dorian Gray.

-Lord Henry Wotton, a rich person, friend of Dorian Gray and Basil.
-Sybil Vane: an actress and the girlfriend of Dorian Gray.
-Sybil Vane' s mother: another actress. -Sybil Vane' s brother: Jim, a sailor .
-Francis and Victor: Dorian Gray's servants. This book is about Dorian Gray's life.
A day Basil Hallward proposed him to pose for a picture. Dorian accepted. So Basil made the picture: it was fantastic. When Lord Henry saw it he wanted to meet Dorian Gray.

The picture of Dorian Gray: riassunto in inglese


Lord Henry met Dorian Gray and he understood that he was very beautiful at real with his red lips, his hair and his blue eyes.
The same day Basil finished the picture. The three men had a discussion about the picture and Basil
wanted to destroy it, but luckily Dorian Gray stopped him.
A month later Dorian Gray met a very beautiful actress, Sybil Vane and he fal1 in love. Sybil loved him too .
Every evening Dorian went to see her play. An evening a1so his friends, Basil and Harry, went to see the play, but Sybil didn't recite well that evening.
Dorian got angry with her, so he decided to leave her.
The actress couldn’t' t live without him, she Loved him too much, so she killed herself.
The next day Lord Henry said Mr. Gray that SybiI Vane was died.
Dorian Gray was despairing, because he wanted to marry Sybil.
He thought he was the murderous of his Love, SybiI. Dorian wanted to change his life, he didn’t' t want to become old.
The following day Basil went to Dorian' s and he confessed all his love for him. Basil gave Dorian.

The picture of Dorian Gray: analysis


The picture. Dorian put it in the top of the house and every day he went to see it: he loved himself. Some years later he met Basil, again, and he showed him the picture. Basil didn’t' t recognised it because it was about an old man, it was changed. Dorian say that he didn’t' t destroy the picture, but the picture destroyed him. The picture was his heart.
Dorian killed Basil with a knife. Then he cal1ed a friend, Alan Campbel1, that destroyed the body. That evening Dorian met Sybil' s brother, Jim, that wanted kil1 him. But he said that he wasn't the man who loved his sister because he was too young, so Jim didn’t' t kil1 him. Dorian changed house, because he was afraid.
A day whil1 he was walking with some of his friends a man shoot them. One of Dorian' s friends shoot him and kil1ed him. The man was Jim.
Dorian wanted to change his life, destroying the picture. But he preferred to kil1 himself that the picture. The servants found his died body, but it was an old man' s body. The man in the picture was young.