Jane Eyre: riassunto breve in inglese

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Riassunto dettagliato in lingua inglese del libro "Jane Eyre" di Charlotte Bronte (1 pagine formato doc)


Jane Eyre.

Jane Eyre is a story written by Charlotte Bronte in 1847. It tells about the life of this girl, Jane Eyre, and all the sufferance that she has suffered from the infancy.
Jane’s parents died when she was still a baby so she lived with her aunt but soon she went to a poor school.
In this school many girls died for the poor conditions in that they lived.
When Jane was eighteen, she became a teacher for a rich family. However in that house lots strange facts happened. Then Mr Rochester, her student’s father, told her to marry him but the night before the wedding, Jane discovered that Mr Rochester was already married.

Jane Eyre: analisi del testo


So she went far from that house and she arrived in a little place with few house. She started a new life with other people in fact she started to work and she had new friends but she didn't forget her love Mr Rochester. A day Jane received a letter from her uncle, who was died, and she discovered that she was became a very rich woman because he was died living her all his money.
So she decided to return to her love Mr Rochester. When she arrived to the house she saw that all had burnt by the fire. Mr Rochester was become blind and he had lost one hand. Jane told with her love and they decided to marry. They were very happy because they had also two children.
According me this is a romantic love story for that time but their love is much suffered for the misadventures and the divisions that they have beared.

Jane Eyre di Bronte: riassunto e analisi dei personaggi