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Jonathan Swift: riassunto in inglese della vita, pensiero, opere, nello specifico "Gulliver's travels" (1 pagine formato doc)

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Life and works.

Jonathan Swift was born in Ireland in 1667 and studied at trinity college in Dublin. In 1694 he became an Anglican Priest because the official religion was Anglicanism. After Sir William’s death, he published his first major satirical work “A tale of tube”. In 1726 he published his master place, “Gulliver’s Travels” and “A modest proposal” a grotesque satire an the Irish problems of over population and food shortages and the indifference of the English towards them. In this book Swift suggest that babies make a succulent dish and so comes up with a solution both to overpopulation and to starvation.


Features of the novel.

Gulliver’s travels” has been considered a children’s classic for a long time. The novel in a mixture of fantasy, political satire, moral fable. Many people consider the book a vicious attack on the human race as a whole. The book’s defenders say that the book is a satire of man’s hypocrisy, vanity and cruelty, his small-mindedness and absurd pretensions. When Gulliver’s travels was published it was instantly successful.

Jonathan Swift: riassunto breve


In the part two Gulliver after a series of misadventures finds himself abandoned on the island lived by giants. Gulliver became as a doll for children to play. Interpretations: the giants represent human vanity and self-love
Plot and interpretations. In the part one the hero describes his shipwreck off the island of Lilliput. The Lilliputians are tiny people. He learns about the local customs and culture and about the country’s political system. He agrees to help the people in their war against another island. Interpretations: the Lilliputian represent the cruelty, pettiness and provincialism of English people.