Pride and prejudice

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The plot of Pride and Prejudice is that of a romantic comedy: it is about the fortunes of young lovers, their trials, misunderstandings, reversals, triumphs and  ends in happy marriages.The set is Longbourn, a small country village in Hertfordshire, where Mr and Mrs Bennet live with their five daughters, Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Lydia and Kitty.
One day a rich bachelor, Charles Bingley, and his two sisters rent a large estate in the neighbourhood, called Netherfield Park. After a series of balls and parties Mr Bingley falls in love with Jane, and his best friend, the aristocratic Fitzwilliam Darcy, is attracts by Elizabeth. 

But she dislikes him because of his snobbish behaviour and because she considers him responsible for the separation of Bingley and Jane. When Mr Darcy declares his love, he cannot help showing contempt for her inferior social position so Elizabeth rejects him and accuses him of separating his sister and Bingley, and of ill treating George Wickham , a young officer who was the son of darcy's former steward.
Darcy writes her a letter where he reveals that Wickham is an unscrupulous adventurer. Wickham elopes with Lydia and Darcy provides for their marriage. Elizabeth realizes that she was mistaken about Darcy and accepts his  proposal (in spite of the opposition of lady catherine de bourgh, darcy's arrogant aunt). Bingley comes back and becomes engaged to Jane, so the novel ends with the happy marriages of the two couples..