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The Tudor period. Tudor England marked the end of the medieval system and the rise of the modern age.

The most important innovations were the Humanism, the English reformation, the development of the city of London and the development of overseas commerce trade.
Henry VII Tudor was an diplomatic, cruel when necessary, but he understood his people and had the opportunity to discover how disloyal the nobles could be. For this reason he suppressed the custom among great families to keep of private soldiers and used the services of clergy and lawyers, who had a university education.
To challenge the supremacy of Spain and Portugal, Henry VII promoter the expeditions of Cabots to North America. The king tried grow his position in Europe by marrying his eldest son, Arthur, to Catherine of Aragon, the daughter of the king of Spain, and his daughter Margaret to James IV of Scotland.


Henry VIII succeeded his father in 1509. He was the ideal renaissance monarch, poet, musician and sportsman. The most important event of his reign was the breach with Rome and he was induced to separate church for political and personal reasons. After his brother Arthur’s death he had married his brother’s widow, Catherine, who had borne him daughter, Mary. But Henry wanted a male successor. He had fallen in love with Anne Boleyn, a lady in waiting of the queen. Consequently on the pretext that his marriage was illegal as Catherine was his sister in law, he asked the pope to declare it void. Pope Clément VII refused, the king didn’t accept the pope’s authority and decided to solve the question through the English clergy and the English parliament, that declared the king’s first marriage void and Henry married Anne Boleyn.


Another act of the parliament was the Act of Supremacy, declared the king only supreme head on earth of the church of England. Henry VIII gave England a fighting fleet consisted of modern vessels  longer with heavy cannons at the portholes.
Edward VI was the son of Henry VIII. When he ascended the throne he was only nine years old. Because of Edward’s youth, his uncle duke of Somerset was appointed protector. He was tolerant in church and state but this tolerance led to numerous uprisings for which he was sentenced to death. Somerset was replaced by ambitious duke Northumberland. Edward fell ill and Northumberland, knowing the king, feared a catholic reaction, persuaded him to sign a will. The plot was unsuccessful and Mary was recognized queen of England.

Guerra delle due Rose, il conflitto dinastico che portò al potere i tudor