Canterbury Tales

Sintesi in lingua inglese dei racconti di Canterbury di Geoffrey Chaucer (2 pagine formato doc)

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The knight's tale

Palamon and Arcite were two cousins who lived in the city of Thebes.
When the Duke of Athens Theseus attacked thebes the two young men were sent to fight. After the battle they were the only survivors so Palamon and Arcite were taken prisoners in a tower. From the window of their prison the could see every day the sweet girl called Emily (the sister of Theseus's wife).

Both of them fell in love with her and they fought between them for her love. After few days arcite was liberated from a friend of his, but his cousin remains imprisoned for other seven years. When also Palamon escaped the two cousins once again fought for love.
But Theseus was there and decided to resolve this fighting making a pact between the two: Emily will bride the one who will win a battle with the help of 100 soldiers. So a year later they fought with the help of their army, Palamon in the name of Venus and Arcite in the name of mars.

The fighting lasted from morning until night bur finally Arcite gained the victory. But venus can't stand this, so killed the winner with an earth tremor. Arcite before died said Emily to marry Palamon after his death. There was a great funeral for him. The girl and the cousin of the dead were both very sad. But after all that, they got married and lived all the rest of their lives in great happiness.

The nun's priest's tale

A long time ago, in the farm of an old widow, there was a cock called chanticleer. He was well-know in the neighbourhood. He had 7 wives and his favourite was pertelote. But one day, while he was sleeping