Jane Austen

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Life and works: Jane Austen was born in 1775 in Hampshire.
He father was the rector of the village. She was mostly educated at home. Jane began writing prose and verse at an early age. She lived in the beloved countryside marked. In 1811 she publishes Sense and Sensibility, then Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park. Jane Austen died in 1817. The novels’ setting and characters: Chronologically she belong to the romantic period, but her realism place her in line with the tradition of the 18th century. Jane Austen’s novels described scenes as three of four families in a country village. Her novel are set in the provincial world of Southern England which she knew from her own experience.
Main characters belong to rural middle class, landed gentry and country clergy and they are very precisely described. They are characterized by the age, income, marital situation and prospect and social position. Her characters are lively round characters and show the author’s fine psychological insight...