Frankenstein: riassunto breve in inglese

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Breve riassunto in inglese di Frankenstein di Mary Shelley (2 pagine formato doc)


Frankenstein di Mary Shelley: riassunto. This book speaks about the story of Frankenstein.

He was a famous scientist and in an experiment he created a monster.
The story starts with a sailor, he saw an enormous man, that was driving a sledge. A day after the sailor saw an other man, but this was normal, he was the scientist Victor Frankenstein. Frankenstein was following someone who had escaped. So he begins to say to Captain Walton his story: Victor was born in Geneva, Switzerland.
His father was a well-respected, important man. He was the eldest son. When he was four years old, his aunt died and her daughter, Elizabeth came to live with them. His mother planned for them to marry when they grew up. He had two brothers: Ernest and William. Then a young woman, Justine, came to live with them, to help his mother look after the boys. His family was very happy and he had a best friend too, his name was Henry Clerval.


A day, when he was fifteen years old, during a thunderstorm, a flash of lightning hit a tree and in a few seconds the tree was reduced to a hollow piece of black wood two meters high. From that he wanted to find out all he could about electricity and its incredible power.
When he was seventeen years old his mother died. After some time he left home to go to University. His obsession of the mystery life encouraged him to work hard, he was completely absorbed by his studies and for two years he never took a day off and wrote fewer and fewer letters to his family. One day he had found the secret of live; even more, he had found out how to generate life but he couldn’t image at what it guided to.
He worked undisturbed in a laboratory for a year, at the end he had created a monster: its skin and its eyes were yellow, its long dark hair and its white teeth were almost beautiful but the rest of the face was very ugly. The arms and the legs were enormous and it was two and a half meters tall. Frankenstein wanted to destroy it but he wanted to know if he was really capable of putting life into it. He joined the body to the wires from a machine, that could send the electricity by it.

Frankenstein: riassunto e analisi


After two days of waiting there was a violent thunderstorm and with the first flash of lightning the creature began to move. It was even uglier and more horrible now it was alive. Victor ran out of the laboratory and locked the door. Then he went to turn around and at the railway station he met his friend Henry. They went to live together but Victor was ill for the monster. He staid two months in his bed then he decided to return home but his father before that he returned he sent him a letter where he wrote that his brother, William, was dead. He was murdered in the park near Geneva.
Frankenstein returned to home and he understood that the murderer of his brother was his monster. But the police thought that the murderer was Justine. So he decided to kill the monster.

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