Jonathan Swift: riassunto breve

Riassunto breve, in inglese, della vita di Swift e analisi dell'opera "I viaggi di Gulliver" (2 pagine formato doc)

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Was born in Dublin with English parents.
He left Ireland and returned to England . He started to work for Sir William Temple (Wig statesmen) who encouraged him to write satirical works.The battle of the Books: Swift supported Temple to defense classics.
A tale of a Tub: spoke about religious groups of the time. In particular the superstition of Catholicism and fanaticism of Dissenters. 
1694: Swift returned to Ireland and became an Anglican priest.1701: he invited Esther Johnson who known when I was a child. She went with him in Dublin and she became his ideal companion.
(a journal to stella).


1713: he became Dean (decano) of Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin and he remained here for 30 years.
He began to write pamphlets denouncing injustices that Ireland suffered and he attacked the government for new coinage which would have increased the poverty of Ireland.
AN IRISH HERO. So, he was considered an hero and he continued to consider Ireland like a place of exile.
1726: he published Gulliver’s travels 
1729: he published A modest Proposal. He explained in the first part the terrible condition of many Irish women and children that live in streets. But he found a terrible condition to save the poverty.  Irish people should be relieved by sale of their children like food for rich because children are expensive for families, and their flesh is very soft. In this way they could have sustenance.
Swift was marked like mad and he died in 1745.


Swift is one of the most controversial writers.
He was just defined as a misanthrope (man who didn’t like human society).
From his works emerges is that he was seriously concerned with politics and society, and his attitude was prevalently conservative.
 It is also clear that he didn’t accept optimism of his age and the pride in England of his contemporaries.
Than for Swift , reason is an instrument that must be used properly or reason could became an error of judgement.
Swift found in irony and satire the means that suited his temperament and his interests.
(Swift was referring to an economic cannibalism. England is feeding on blood up to the Irish economy).