Robinson Crusoe: riassunto e trama in inglese

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Robinson Crusoe: riassunto e trama in inglese - The plot of Robinson Crusoe Robinson Crusoe is an Englishman from the town of York in the seventeenth century, the youngest son of a merchant of German origin. The hero of the novel is a middle-class man, Robinson Kreutznaer, anglicised Crusoe, who born in York in 1632 of a German father and an English mother.

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He, at the age of nineteen, decides to leave his family in order to look for adventures and to make his own fortune. His first voyage leads him to Guinea and then back to England. The second voyage does not prove as fortunate: the ship is seized by Moorish pirates, and Crusoe is enslaved to a potentate in the North African town of Sallee. While on a fishing expedition, he and a slave boy break free and sail down the African coast. A kindly Portuguese captain picks them up, buys the slave boy from Crusoe, and takes Crusoe to Brazil. In Brazil, Crusoe establishes himself as a plantation owner and soon becomes successful.

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Eager for slave labour and its economic advantages, he embarks on a slave-gathering expedition to West Africa but ends up shipwrecked off of the coast of Trinidad, where he remains for 28 years. During this time he keeps a journal where he records what happens to him. After twelve years of solitude, he finds a human footprint on the shore, and later observes cannibalistic savages eating prisoners.