Waiting for Godot analysis

Waiting for Godot: breve analisi in lingua inglese dell'opera teatrale di Samuel Beckett (1 pagine formato pdf)

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Waiting for godot di Samuel Beckett. Waiting for Godot’s world. Samuel Beckett’s world hasn’t got any dimension, since there’s no time or space.

The characters in fact move in an empty place ( a bare tree and a country road can’t be properly considered a setting) in an indefinite time which is essentially a chaos: there isn’t a past, since characters has no memory, and there is no future since the present is a static situation which avoid protagonists to go on. The static situation is that of waiting a mysterious Godot, who eventually sends a boy to inform them he will surely come on the following day.
This hope keep static all their world, which is empty and meaningless. So the only possible “movement” is that of a pointless routine without any purpose, but waiting Godot. So the play can be defined circular.
Life is meaningless. Then, which is the purpose of the characters? Find something to do while they’re waiting, find something to do to fill their existence. So, all their actions and dialogues (is important to remember that each character follows only his own thoughts ,so in this sense is better talking of monologues than dialogues) are all meaningless since that haven’t got a real aim, but only not be bored.
While Estragon and Vladimir are involved in doing this by concentrate themselves in lack tasks of physical or mental exercises, Lucky and Pozzo make continuos purposeless journeys for the same reason of the first two.

Waiting for Godot: riassunto in inglese


- Vladimir and Estragon are never described as trumps, rather they are two human beings perpetually concerned with questions about the nature of the self, world and God. Furthermore they are complementary, as can be seen in Act I; in fact while Vladimir speaks as mind, Estragon speaks as body. However in Act II they are both concerned in both questions without any well definite distinction. Also they need each other to remember who they are, though they can’t be completely aware of themselves since they forget most of the things happened.
- On the other hand, Lucky and Pozzo, who are complementary too since they are connected by a rope,as well as by a tyrannical relationship of master and his servant, represents the oppressive power: Lucky the mind one whereas Pozzo the body one.