Eveline di James Joyce: analisi

Eveline: breve analisi in inglese del racconto tratto dalla raccolta The Dubliners di James Joyce (2 pagine formato pdf)

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Eveline, James JoyceEveline is a young woman who lives in Dublin.

She's trapped in a life of circular repetitions and monotony( Joice defines this particular status, which involves especially the mind but shows itself also as a body's affection, paralysis)until she meets Frank, a man who could change completely her
life. In fact the two fall soon in love and plan to get married and live far away from Dublin, in Buenos Ayres.
The story can be divided in two sequences, the first one describes an unspeciefied time, which precedes the leaving, while the second one tells the crucial point of leaving.

Eveline di James Joyce: riassunto e commento


1.The first one is essentially the Eveline's reflection about prons and cons of leaving("She had consented to go away, to leave her home.Was that wise?She tried to weigh each side of the question").In this constant alternation it's easy to notice how the girl is more concerned with past than future. Also the use of language is significant; to explain the pros we can observe the use of "motion verbs" as explore, go away or the use of nouns referred to travels; on the other hand to explain the cons are used verbs linked to habits and also the form "used to" is frequent.
2. The first sequence ends positively with Eveline's determination not to be unhappy in her life.
However this state of mind is denied in the second sequence when finally Eveline is forced to act, but she can't.

She is like paralysed: can't move or say nothing. 

Eveline di James Joyce: traduzione


1. Paralysis
• Eveline's psichological paralysis:
She doesn't want to leave her home and her family => this is because, though she knows perfectly that she has the opportunity to live a better life with the man she loves, she has a strong sense of duty (the promise made to her mother) provided also by religion ("She prayed to God to direct her, to show her what was her duty").
• Eveline's spiritual and phisical paralysis: She can't leave with Frank and that's because she's completely paralysed, phisically ("She answered nothing. She felt her ceek pale and cold [...]") and spiritually, since she gives no impression to feel any emotion ("Her eyes gave him no sign of love or farewell or
2. Eveline vs Frank. Eveline and Frank are perfectly antithetical. In fact while the first one can't move(from her family, from her country, can't change habits, has no courage to live her own life..) and is perpetually a passive object of other's decisions, the second one is active, in continuous movement. He was from Dublin but he left when he was very young to have an adventurous life, in fact it's significant that he worked as a sailors for many years. Frank represents the progress, while Eveline stilness.