Waiting for Godot: riassunto

Riassunto in inglese dell'opera teatrale di Beckett, Waiting for Godot (1 pagine formato doc)

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BeckettWaiting for Godot. In this tragedy there are two tramps ( vagabondi ): Vladimir and Estragon, that are waiting for Godot ( could be an object in this story represent the death).

While they are waiting, they talk with verbal games ( meaningless = insignificante ) and misunderstandings. Until a boy comes to say that Godot isn’t coming that day but will come the next one. The only scenery is the tree that is the passing of time, the passing of the season.
The next day the boy comes again to say that Godot isn’t coming but will come the next day. The tramps, during their waiting, consider suicide, hanging ( appendersi ) themselves from a tree, but they never do anything.
This is a play full of humour. Beckett doesn’t want to tell the story, he wants to show our fate that is something encircled by nothing ( death ).
Godot can be anyone: God, death, hope,……

Waiting for Godot: analisi in inglese


The world Beckett presents in waiting for Godot is the real world: a world without illusions, the reality in its essence. In fact the scene, in the tragedy, is a country road and a tree: the natural world that represents the only truth for him. For Beckett everything the man has created and built in the natural reality is illusion and doesn’t represents the true reality.
The two tramps are the symbol of the individualism in the reality without Pirandello’s masks, without any social roles and their waiting represents the essence of life. Life for the writer is a cycle of birth, growth and death and everything happens during these different moments can’t change it. So life can be considered like the waiting for death, that is the final step of the series and nobody can avoid it. Suffering is the main component of life, all the individualism suffer like Vladimir and Estragon.