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Jane Austen.

Jane Austen was born in 1775 at steventon Hampshire a small village in the south- west of England where her father was rector of the church. She was educated at home by her father, and showed an interest in literature and writing.   She probably died of Addisons disease in Winchester in 1817, and was buried in Winchester Cathedral. All her novels had been published anonymously.
Janes fame was well established among her contemporaries.
The  master of the novel of manners, Jane Austen was ispired by 18th century novelists from whom she learned the insight into the psychology of the characters and the subtleties of the ordinary events of life, like balls, walks, tea parties and visits to friends and neighbours. From Fielding she derived the omniscient narrator and the technique of bringing the character into existence trough dialogue . Her style was characterised by the irony of verbal and situational. She restricted her view to the world of the country gentry which she knew best.

Orgoglio e pregiudizio di Jane Austen: ambientazione storica


The traditional values of these families such as property, decorum, money and marriage, provided the basis of the plots and settings of her novels. They take place in England, there isn't Scotland, Wales, Ireland and or the industrial north of England. She writes about the oldest England based on the possession of land, parks and country houses; in her stories people from different counties get married as a result of growing social mobility. In Austen's world there are gossip, flirts, seductions andadulteries. This happens because the marriage market has  produced a range of villains: unscrupulous relatives, seducers, gamblers, social climbers.


Austen was interested in analysis of character and conduct. She remained fcommitted to the common sense and moral principles of the previous generation but checked them through her own direct observation and spontaneous feeling. Therefore her work is very amusing and deals with the serious matters of love, marriage and parenthood. The happy ending is a common element to her novels: they end in the marriage of hero and heroine. Romantic love gives Jane Austen a focus where individual values can achieve high definition, usually in conflict with social code that encourages marriages for money and social standing. Her treatment of love and sexual attraction is in line with her general view that strong impulses and intensely emotional states should be regulated, controlled and brought to order by private reflection, not in favour of some abstract standard of reason but to fulfil a social obligation.