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Descrizione generale della vita di Charles Dickens e della sua opera "Oliver Twist". Riassunto in inglese su Charles Dickens e Oliver Twist (2 pagine formato docx)

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Charles Dickens's life. Charles Dickens was born in Portsea in 1812.

He was the second of eight children. During her childhood, the family was forced to move to London, where Charles began an unhappy period.
At age twelve he was sent to put labels in a factory. The father was soon incarcerated.
At fifteen he entered a law firm as a trainee and began studying shorthand, becoming a reporter. He began to devote himself to writing until at twenty-six was published in the Evening Chronicle the novel "Notebooks aftermath of Pickwick Papers" which made him famous.

Oliver Twist e Charles Dickens: riassunto in inglese

In the meantime, he married Catherine Hogarth, daughter of the director of the newspaper. Between 1842 and 1845 before he left with his wife to the United States, and then to Italy. He then returned to England where he worked to give life to a liberal newspaper. In 1846, in January, the first issue of the Daily News.

Oliver Twist: riassunto in inglese


The guidelines would improve, progress, education, religious and civil liberty, equal legislation. In the same year Dickens planned and staged a play environment century "Not so bad as we Seem". His wife became ill and one daughter died suddenly.
In 1858 he became an independent wife, who gave him 10 children, placing an ad in the newspaper and accusing her of never having been able to look after the children and the family.
The June 8, 1870 he suffered a stroke and died the next day. He was buried in Westminster Abbey in the corner of the poets (Poet's Corner).

Oliver Twist: riassunto e commento


Oliver Twist. In Victorian age poor children had a cruel childhood: those who managed to survive to the bad hygienic conditions, were forced to work. Some politicians committed themselves to improve their lives, imposing a maximum limit of 10 working hours per day for women and children. Dickens was obsessed with children and often told stories of troubled innocent children, but with an happy ending.
The story takes place in London, where the author talks about three different levels of society: the first tells the truth of the workhouses, where the owners had no compassion for the poor children that have to work all day, then presents the world of thieves, who often engage and exploited children because they don't be suspected, and finally the world of the wealthiest, who believed in human values.

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