Civil rights movements

Riassunti riguardanti i movimenti per i diritti civili americani dalle origini (schiavismo) fino alla segregazione degli anni '50 e '60 (3 pagine formato doc)

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North and South
Between 1861 and 1865 a civil war broke out between the Northern and the Southern States.
North was more industrialized and it had a larger popolation (because of European immigrants).
The South was based on agricolture (cotton) and slaves, and that was the issue that divided the two parts: slavery.
For Northern it was immoral, it became illegal in 1820, for Southern way part of their way of life.

Civil war
In 1860 Abraham Lincoln (Republican party) became the US’ president: he was against slavery. 
This frightened the 11 Southern states, that left the Union (the USA) and formed their own Confederacy, with Richmond as the capital and Jefferson Davis as the President. 
Then, on the 12th of April, 1861, the Civil War started, and lasted 4 years until the Confederacy (south) was defeated. The major battles were fought in the south, that after terrible destruction, surrendered.
Cities and plantations had been destroyed, like the Southern economy.

 The reconstruction was long and difficult, some businessman took advantage from that, also by corrupting the governments.
Something like the transport system were improved, but there were big differences between North and South, and they are still strong today.