Coloridge & The Rime of the Anciant mariner

Riassunto di coloridge e della sua opera più importante (1 pagine formato zip)

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James Taylor Coleridge was born in 1772 in Devonshire, he drank and he was a supporter of the French devolution in fact in this youth he was expelled that university.
He used opium because of his illness. He met Wordsworth and Wordsworth’s Sister Dorothy in 1796 and lived in Lake District. In this period he turned conservative and with Wordsworth wrote the lyrical ballads and he inserted the rime of the ancient mariner. He tells about the primary and secondary imagination. The first imagination is the faculty by which we perceive the world around us; the secondary imagination is poetic vision the faculty that a poet has to idealize and unify.
The rime of the ancient mariner is a ballads in 7 parts (summary and introduction), is composed by ordinary language. The rime start with the mariner who stops a wedding guest in the street to tell his history, the mariner was a long beard, skinny hands and glittering eyes, to hypnotize.
A phantom ship arrives, on which life and life-in-death drawing lots for mariner and this crew.  The other members for crew are punished for justify the mariner’s crime, they all die from thirsty. The mariner’s survived was punished telling his story to the people he meets.
The mariner tells when his ship was trapped in the ace. Suddenly came an albatross and it release the ship and it guides them to safety. The mariner inexplicably killed the albatross. At first the crews are angry with mariner and put the albatross around his neck, but they later excuse him. The ship struck a curse the wind stopped and the sun was burning. Horrible serpent-like creatures appear on the sea.