Deforestazione e inquinamento: testo argomentativo

Testo argomentativo in lingua inglese sull'inquinamento e sulla deforestazione. (2 pagine formato doc)

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Their leaves absorb carbon dioxide and send out oxygen for us to breathe. Trees help to control rainfall and their roots stop the soil from being washed away by rain. Their fruit and nuts provide food for humans and animals. Wood products, paper, rubber, cooking oil and some medicines are all made from trees. Trees provide shelter for million of animals, bird and insects.
The tropical rainforests are the home for many endangered animals and bird. They are also the home of tribal people who lived there for thousand of years.
Every second, people destroy an area of rainforest the size of a football pitch. Half the world’s rainforests have already been destroyed.
People cut down the trees for timber or to make big farm or for mines. This called deforestation.


POLLUTION - In cites there are many different kids of pollution, but the one which worries people most is air pollution. Most of the air pollution is caused by cars and other vehicles. Sunlight changes the fumes from car exhausts into harmful gases. There can effect our breathing. Sometimes the air pollution is so bad that people die. Big cites also suffer from noise pollution. The many cause is traffic. When there is a lot of noise, people can’t sleep or work properly. Loud noise can harm our hearing.

Tema sulla deforestazione


RUBBISH - About half of what we throw away could be recycled. Materials which can be used again are called recyclables. Glass, cans, paper, cardboard and cloth are all recyclables.
Many towns in Britain have a recycling service. They collect recyclables and take them to factories which can use them to make new products. You can also take your bottles and jars and put them into special containers called bottle banks. Some towns also have tin banks and paper banks.