Dracula di Bram Stoker in Inglese

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Nome alunno Calzona Vito Cl.4°c Bram Stoker, Dracula Jonathan Harker arrived at the Golden Krone Hotel when the land lady gave him a crucifix to protect him.
The next day Jonathan took a public coach to the Borgo Pass where he met the Count's coach. The driver of this coach was very strange: he had very red eyes and pointed teeth. The journey in the coach was like a nightmare. The driver sometimes stopped the coach when he saw faint blue flame. Finally the driver of the coach left Jonathan in front of the door of the Count's castle. Just then a tall old man with a long white moustache opened the door. This strange old man was Count Dracula.
At first they talked about the old estate that Dracula was buying in England, but certain strange things began to happen. For example, one morning Jonathan could not see the Count's reflection in the mirror. When the Count saw that Jonathan had some blood on his chin from a cut, the Count tried to grab his throat. Fortunately, Jonathan had the crucifix around his neck. After this event he realised he was a prisoner. Also the Count warned him not to fall asleep in other parts of the castle. But he disobeyed the Count, and he fell asleep in a room where noble women had once lived. There, three women appeared who did not cast shadows in the moonlight. They came close to Jonathan and one of them was about to kiss his throat with her lips. Just then Dracula appeared and grasped the neck of the woman, and pulled her away. Jonathan realised that Dracula was going to kill him, and that he was some kind of monster. In fact, Jonathan found the Count lying in a box in the chapel. Jonathan realised that he was helping to bring that monster to London. He picked up a shovel and tried to hit Dracula, but the Count blocked him with some magical power of this eyes. He ran out of the vault. Later the Count's box going away. Jonathan decided to escape by climbing down the wall of the castle. After Mina's best friend Lucy came to visit her in the town of Whitby, many strange things happened. For example one night Mina found Lucy on a bench with something black with red eyes bending over Lucy's body. After that night, Lucy became increasingly ill. Arthur called Dr Seward for help, and he called his friend Van Helsing from Holland. At first van Helsing did not express his opinion on Lucy's situation. He said that he had to return to Amsterdam first. When Lucy's situation became extremely bad, Dr Seward telegraphed Van Helsing and asked him to come back immediately. Van Helsing came and performed a blood transfusion on Lucy. Finally, one morning Dr Seward and Van Helsing arrived at Lucy's home and they found Lucy's mother dead on Lucy's bed and Lucy almost dead. After yet another blood transfusion, Lucy told that a wolf had broken through the window, and she died. After Lucy's death, many little children started to disappear. When they returned home they had punctures on their necks and they told of the “bloofer lady”.