Emma, J. Austen

Sintesi in lingua inglese del romanzo "Emma" di Jane Austen suddiviso per capitoli (3 pagine formato doc)

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Emma Woodhouse was a beautiful, clever and rich girl.
She lived in the village of Highbury nearby London. She was twenty-one and was the younger of two daughters but only she lived with her father at the family home. Her mother died when she was five, so her father found Miss Taylor, a woman, who looked after his two daughters. She became their teacher and friend. But a day Emma’s life changed, because Miss Taylor decided to get married to Mr Weston. So Emma and her father were left alone. Some evening their friends came to visit them and to play cards, but they were older as Emma. But once Emma was luckier, because came Harriet Smith a seventeen girl.
She had no living family, was pretty and Emma immediately became friends. After that evening, Harriet spent a lot of time at Hartfield, Emma’s home, and she and Emma were often together. They spoke about boys, like Mr Robert Martin, a kind and clever farmer, and Mr Elton, the vicar, a perfect gentleman...