Eveline di James Joyce: riassunto

Eveline: riassunto del racconto breve di James Joyce contenuto nella raccolta "Dubliners" (1 pagine formato doc)

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Eveline” -  from James Joyce’s “Dubliners” (James Joyce).

A girl named Eveline was sitting next to a window, watching as the day turned into evening outside.
She looked at the familiar surroundings of her house: there was a field, near there, where she used to play with her friends and sibilings. She remembered it was a time when her mother was still alive, her father was not so bad, her friends were all young and they lived all in that street yet.
 But time had passed by.
The field  had been filled up by lots of shining houses and she was grown up too.
 She was going to leave that house and even though she should have been relieved, she could not feel that good.
In spite of everything, it was her place there. She had a shelter and food. More of all, she should have kept the promise to her mother to keep the home together as long as she could.

Eveline di James Joyce: traduzione


Eveline di James Joyce: riassunto - After the death of her mother she was left with two children on her charge, while her brother Harry was often away because of work. Ernest, the other brother, was dead too. It was just her, now, having an hard life working at the Stores and trying to stand at the tiranny of her father.
There was nobody to protect her now, and even if she was nineteen, she was still scared by her father. When she was a child he had never done anything to her (as she was a girl), but now he had begun threatening her. The worst part was keeping money away from him. He would never gave her anything, as he thought she was fool and she would have spent all unreasonably.
However, she could escape all of that. Her boyfriend, Frank, has offered her to be his wife and live in Buenos Aires. Frank was nice, he liked music and had made many voyages, about which he often talked to her. But her father had then stepped in between and since then they had to see each other secretly.
Still sitting by the window, she had two goodbye letters in her laps: one was for Harry and the other one for her father. A little thought of nice times with him came to her mind, but she forced them out and looked forward the better life she was going to live with her future husband.