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Francis Scott Fitzgerald.

Biographical notes p. 245.
Fitzgerald and the American Dream - He tries to reflects the spirit of his period, the Jazz age, and his generation, the Lost generation (generation felt purposeless and without hope after the First War).
F. reflects this uncertainty and disillusionment and represents a strong critique of the American Dream. Originally the Dream had been associated with the new life, new hope, eith the idea that anything was possible with hard work and perseverance and how America gave the same opportunities to everyone.
Over time the dream has became more associated with the idea of getting rich quick and how power and money can only result from wealth. The reality is often very different and F. was sensitive how all his wealth had not given him security and long-term happiness. The dream was a fallacy. This is a recurrent theme in his novels.
Fitzgerald’s setting. All his works focus on the “Roaring Twenties”. Partying reigned and his novel are full of the glitzy jazz spirit when people just wanted to enjoy themselves as no-one knew what tomorrow would bring. His novels reflect this spirit but also the fashions in clothes and behaviour. The women (had just been given the vote) reflect a greater confidence.

Great Gatsby e Fitzgerald: riassunto


The Great Gatsby. This novel is considered F’s best work. It is also strongly autobiographical as F describes a man, Gatsby, who, like himself, lived in Long Island, who was first rejected by the woman he loved because he was not rich enough, who then accumulated wealth in order to regain her love, who lived a life of luxury and who finally died alone.
In a sense Gatsby becomes a symbol for the 1920s.
The plot. Nick Carraway moves for the Mid-West to New York to improve his career. There he has his cousin, Daisy and her wealthy husband Tom. Nick soon discovers that Daisy is not happy.
Nick lives next door to one of the wealthiest men in the area, a certain Jay Gatsby.
He is invited to one of G’s extravagant parties and they meet only at the end of the evening.
Nick learns that Daisy and Gatsby had had a love affair 5 years ago, interrupted by the war but also by G’s lack of wealth. It’s clear that G has never lost his love for her: the parties, the house were all done to win back Daisy’ love. G asks nick to invite Daisy to his house, he can meet her again.

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