Forrest Gump

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The film starts with a feather that’s blowing in the wind.
Then it lands near a bench, where there’s a man called Forrest Gump. He’s waiting for a bus, he wears a suit and has a suitcase. Many people sit by him, and always he tells them about his life. He grew in a very big house in Green bow, Alabama, with his mother, who rented rooms. Forrest had problems since the childhood: he had a lower I.Q. then other children, and so he was mildly retarded. He also wore leg- braces, but his mother did everything for him that could improve his situation. At the first day of Primary School nobody wanted him, and finally only a very little girl let him to sit near her. He was called Jenny, and since that day they have been best friends.
She always encouraged him when other kids pulled his leg. Jenny lived in a little old house close his one, and had a very bad father who mistreated her and her sister.