Gran Bretagna: dalle origini al Medioevo

Breve sintesi in lingua inglese della storia britannica: prehistoric inhabitants: Celts and Druids, Julius Caesar's invasion, Vikings, William duke of Normandy, Middle Ages (1 pagine formato doc)

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Prehistoric inhabitants: the dark-haired iberians
700BC-> the Celts arrived from germany.
They were organized into tribes, worshipped the natural elements and had the Druids.

55BC: Julius Caesar invaded Britain. But the real conquest took place in 43 47 AD under Emperor Claudius. The romans introduced religion language and civilisation.

409AD: the celts in britain were left alone against some germanic tribes who invaded England. ->they were the Angles, the Saxons and the Jutes(organized in clans, they were fisherman..) and gave the name England to the country.

6th century: pope Gregory I the great sent a monk, Augustine, to bring christianity back to England. He became the first archbishop of Canterbury

8-9th centuries-> the Vikings from Norway invaded britain (king Alfred).
He was succedeed by Edward the confessor, who devoted homself to religion & built Westminster Abbey -1065-.

1066-> William, duke of Normandy, defeated the last anglo-saxon king and was crowned king in Westminster abbey. The French introduced their language & the feudalism.