Gulliver's travels: riassunto breve in inglese

riassunto in inglese del romanzo Gulliver's Travels di Swift (2 pagine formato doc)

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Gulliver was a doctor. One day he decided to sail into a ship. But there was a terrible storm; only he was alive and arrived in a land lived by man 15 centimetres tall. They built a house for his misures, tauch him their language, gave him food and drinks. Life in Lilliput is very strange: they has some costumes (like the choose of king's official with a rope) that we don't have. After many days the king make him free, but he had to help always all lilliputians. A day some official told him of a dangerous situation for then.
In fact there was a quarrel to decide how to break bailed eggs (if the largest or smaller) and now the big Endians (largest) asked help to an island hear them and now they wanted to attack Lilliput. He had a good idea and soon he kept all enemy's ship. The king asked him to take all the ship of other country, but he refused. So the king was angry with him.

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GULLIVER'S TRAVELS RIASSUNTO IN INGLESE - Gulliver helped again Lilliputions: the Queen's rooms were burning: he made water and the building was safe. But what he did, was a crime… Many of the King's official wanted to punish him, so they decided to lose his sight. An official that was his friend, told him all these thinks, and Gilliver decided to escape. He went to Blefuscu, and stayed there for 3 days, than he refused the promises of that King, and leave with a ship perhaps driven there by a storm. He come back to London, all people see some animals taken from that island, but then he decided to leave again. During the voyage, they had to stop in an island because of a terrible storm. But in this island men 20 metres high lived.

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GULLIVER'S TRAVELS RIASSUNTO BREVE - Gulliver was alone, because the other run away. One of these men sow him, take him in his house with his wife, and they were very kind. The name of this island was Brobdingnag. His master with the family was very kind with him: they gave him food, a bed, and a daughter lodead after him. But one day the farmer decided to take him to the market to amuse crowds, and so earn many money. And this plan was so successful that he arranged to show him at the capital and in all country.

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GULLIVER'S TRAVELS RIASSUNTO CAPITOLI - But he was very tired and wanted to escape. Queen's family was very kind: they make built a beautiful house for him and they often ate together. But dwarf, who before he came, he was smallest person in the palace, was angry with him and tried to kill him, but at the end he was sent away. Then he described this island as exactly as possible, because travellers are often accused of not telling the truth. Because of he was so small, he had many difficult and often he was afraid to die. Then he had many discussion with King: he spoke him about England (history, costumes, lows). But King said that it wasn't a good country. They always fight, there was violence, anegual decision, and he thought his country was best, and perhaps it is true; he refused to learn how to make gunpowder. A day, he was in the beach, and perhaps a bird took him, inside his traveller house.