Riassunto del film Hachiko

riassunto del film Hachiko in lingue Inglese (1 pagine formato doc)

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Riassunto del film Hachiko - Hachiko.
The film starts with a young boy, named Ronnie, who is at school and his teacher asks him to speak about his hero. Ronnie stands up and starts telling the story of Hachiko, his grandfather’s dog.
Then we have a flashback.

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Some years before, an Akita dog is sent from Japan to the United States, but when it arrives at the train station, his cage falls off the baggage cart and the dog gets lost. Meanwhile, Parker, who is an University teacher coming back home from work,  gets off his train and finds the dog in front of him.
As nobody is around, Parker takes the puppy at home with him, but his wife, Kate, doesn’t want to keep it and make Parker promise that he will find a new home for the dog.
The next day, Parker contacts the station to ask if there’s someone who called for the dog, but nobody did, so he starts to put leaflets everywhere hoping that someone will call for the dog. The same day, Parker goes to work with the dog, where a Japanese teacher who is a friend of Parker, translates the symbol that the dog has on his collar as ‘Hachi’, that means ‘eight’ in Japanese and also ‘fortune’ and Parker decided to call the dog Hachi. 

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