Hamlet: riassunto e tematiche

breve riassunto della tragedia di Amleto e approfondimento delle tematiche presenti nella scena 1 atto 3 (2 pagine formato doc)

Appunto di salssiciotta

-    The most obvious theme in death play is taking of revenge
-    The taking of revenge in hamlet is intimately interrelated with the themes of/faithlessness love and ambition
-    Madness too is a significant theme in the play: the play thus contrast madness and sanity, faithlessness and honour, the urge for revenge with the desire not to act precipitately
-    Suicide: if a person commits it he stops suffering anymore but also stops his happiness
-    Death is counter with life
-    The main problem is: what append after our death?

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RIASSUNTO HAMLET: MEETS THE GHOST - The HAMLET deals with: the ghost of hamlet’s father appears to him to reveal him about is died.

Hamlet’s uncle, the current king of Denmark, killed his brother (hamlet’s father) and married Gertrude, hamlet’s mother.
Hamlet must obey to the ghost’s order: the only reason of his life is to revenge his father’s life. So hamlet begins to be mad and even rejected the love oh Ophelia, who killed herself because hamlet refused her love. Claudius (uncle) begins to suspect that hamlet know something about the murder so ask to Polonius (Ophelia’s father) to spy him. While hamlet is talking with his mother he realises that somebody is hidden behind the curtain and kill him (Polonius). Claudius organise a duel between hamlet and Laertes (Ophelia’s brother). By the end hamlet kill Laertes, his mother drink a poisoned cup prepare for hamlet and dies, the same happen for Claudius and hamlet dies in the arms of his friend Horatio.

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AMLETO RIASSUNTO ATTI: ATTO 3 SCENA 1 - In the hope of discovering the reasons for Hamlet’s suffering, the king and queen decide to organize a meeting between him and Ophelia. Polonius asks her to pretend to be alone while he and the king hide behind a curtain. Hamlet enters and recites his famous monologue, ‘To be or not to be’, up until the moment he sees Ophelia. He refuses her love and advises her to enter a convent as an alternative. Claudius now starts to believe that Hamlet knows something about the murder. He decides to get him out of the way by sending him to England. Polonius suggests one final attempt at discovering the reasons for Hamlet’s behaviour by arranging a meeting with his mother, Gertrude.

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HAMLET, RIASSUNTO BREVE IN INGLESE: LE TEMATICHE - Themes: Hamlet is a tragedy of REVENGE and a play of life and death, of man’s ambiguous relation and also about melancholy and doubt. It is through Hamlet’s struggle to act wisely, that the concept of MAN’S COMPLEX NATURE is illustrated. A major question for man is the relation between APPEARANCE AND REALITY and the EXISTENTIAL IDEA all that individual man knows is that he exist. Another important theme is HONOUR and honourable action. Any action to correct a wrong should be reasoned and not emotional.