Il mercante di Venezia: personaggi, analisi e riassunto

Il mercante di Venezia: personaggi principali, analisi, riassunto e commento personale dell'opera teatrale di William Shakespeare (2 pagine formato doc)

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Relazione del Mercante di Venezia
Author: William Shakespeare
Title: The Merchant Of Venice of William Shakespeare
Setting:  The tragedy’s principal places are the city of Venice and another city called Belmonte in which there was the Portia’s castle
Plot: At the beginning of the story there is Antonio a merchant who told his friends Solanio and Salerio he was sad but he didn’t knows why.

His friends tried to cheer him up but they failed.
Then arrived Lorenzo, Gratiano and Bassanio whose tried to cheer him up but also they failed. Then Bassanio told Antonio that he intended to asked Portia’s hand in order to marriage her, but for done that he needed some money. Antonio gave him 3000 ducats. At the same time at Belmont Portia was telling her servant Nerissa that she didn’t like any of her six suitors and that she whished that Bassanio would come and be the suitor who chose the correct chest.

Il mercante di Venezia: personaggi ed analisi del testo


In fact for be Portia’s husband the suitor had to chose one of three chest in which there was gold silver and lead; if he chosen the correct chest he could married Portia. In Venice Bassanio convinced the merchant Shylock to lend him 3000 ducats, with Antonio putted up his property as the bond. Shylock hated Antonio but he lended the money anyway with the hope that Antonio would default on the loan.
At Belmont arrived a Moroccan prince who wanted Portia’s hand, they told him if he chosen the wrong chest he must swear to never ask the hand of any woman.

Il mercante di Venezia: analisi


At the same time in Venice a Shylock servant told his father that he wanted leave Shylock’s house and went to work in Bassanio’s house. The servant told that to Bassanio who agreed and told to his servant Leonardo to prepare dinner for him and for Shylock.
Jessica, shylock’s daughter, gave a letter to a servant, this letter was for Antonio’s friend Lorenzo, in this letter Jessica wrote him a love letter and in this letter she pretended to be a male torchbearer at the supper between Antonio and Shylock.
Shylock went to the supper but before he warned Jessica not to take part at the evening’s christian activities.

Il mercante di Venezia: analisi, trama e personaggi


Then Gratiano and Lorenzo met outside Jessica’s house to get her, then Lorenzo and Jessica met Bassanio on Antonio’s ship to sail to Portia’s house.
At the same time at Portia’s house the Moroccan prince have chosen a chest, he have chosen the golden chest but it was wrong because it didn’t contained the Portia’s picture. Shylock discovered his daughter’s flight and e wanted his money and his daughter back.
At Portia’s house another prince, the prince of Aragon wanted to marry Portia but he choose the wrong chase, in fact he choose the silver chase.
At the same time in Venice Antonio had the confirm that one of his ships has sunk so he have lost some of his possessions and a part of his money. Bassanio went to Portia’s house and he chooses the right chase which contained Portia’s picture, so he can marry Portia. She gave him a ring in sign of his love and warned him not to lose it or she wouldn’t marry him. Next arrived Salerio, Lorenzo and Jessica whose informed Bassanio that Antonio had lost his ships and all his money. For this reason Bassanio went to Venice for help his friend Antonio because he has to pay his due with Shylock. Meanwhile shylock had been arrested Antonio.
Portia wanted help her love and Antonio, so disguised her and her servant Nerissa as a doctor of civil law and a court clerk respectively. She was the judge of the conflict and she tried to dissuade Shylock from the idea that the money could be paid by a cutting of a pound of flash from Antonio’s breast. But after a discussion Shylock was condemned to give half of his possessions to the court and the other half of his possession, after his dead, would to remaining to his daughter. With no other choices he agreed.
At the end of the story Bassanio married Portia and they inform Antonio that three of his ships had come to port full of merchandise.

Il mercante di Venezia: analisi e riassunto


Main characters: 
ANTONIO: he is a positive character, he is rich but generous and disinterested, he give his nave for Bassanio’s due and he risk his life and his liberty for his friends. He hate Shylock and Shylock hates him. And he jokes at Shylock, sometimes with cattiveria, but he do that because he hate Shylock.
SHYLOCK: he is a Jew merchants, he is the bad character of the play because he is avid and he is interesting only at the money. He hates Antonio a lot and he wishes in Antonio’s bankruptcy. He also hate christians. He is a merchant but he is also a usurer.