Mrs Dalloway: riassunto in inglese e analisi dei personaggi

Mrs. Dalloway: riassunto dettagliato e analisi dei personaggi del romanzo di Virginia Woolf (6 pagine formato pdf)

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di Virginia Woolf. Plot. Mrs Dalloway went out to go buying some flowers while she was waiting for Peter Walsh to come from India. She could not remember if he would have come back in June or July because his letters were very dull. That night there would have been a party, so she went to Westminster appreciating the city of London. The war was already finished and the Royal family was in its palace. Clarissa walked across a park and she met an old friend, Hugh Whitbread.
He and his wife were in the City just to see some doctors because Evelyn (the wife) was ill, but they assured Clarissa they would have gone to her party. Clarissa and Peter never wrote each other a lot, and they always argued when they were side by side. In her marriage she wanted some freedom but Peter wanted everything to be shared and then she discovered he married a woman while going to India. She was interested in nature and in the landscape; he was interested in music, poetry… Then Clarissa reached the gates of the park, near Piccadilly, and she saw taxi cabs and people but she felt as she was distant, she felt old and young at the same time.


She could not understand if she was this or that. She started to think about her life: if she died she would have been remembered by everyone she had met, and if she had the possibility to born again she would have liked to be like Lady Boxborough physically and mentally. In front of a glove shop in Bond Street, Mrs. Dalloway thinks about her daughter, Elizabeth, and her tutor Miss Kilman. While Elizabeth loved her dog, Miss Kilman was not loved by anyone. And then Mrs Dalloway realized that the hate she felt was rasping her soul and because of her illness, all that she had got was self love, nothing else. Clarissa entered the florist and she met Miss Pym. The place was full of any kind of flowers and of a beautiful smell, and while Clarissa was thinking about the flowers she was afraid because she heard a tyre of motorcar out breaking.
Just three people could see who was in the car, but a few second later the face was hidden and so no one else could see it. Even the three people were discussing about its identity, but it probably was someone famous, the Queen, a Prince, or the Prime Minister. Here around there was Septimus and his wife Lucrezia. When Septimus menaced to suicide, his wife took him away in a park. The Chauffeur talked to the police man and then the car went away keeping the secret of its passenger. The car went down St. James Street, and probably the Prince of Wales was in it. Clarissa noticed that the small crow in front of Buckingham Palace was getting bigger and bigger when all at once they saw in the sky a plane that was writing something. While the noses of everyone pointed the sky, the car entered the gates of Buckingham Palace, unseen.


Clarissa tried to understand what the plane was writing but she failed. In Regent’s Park, Septimus was trying to understand it too, but all he read was “toffee”. He was sat near Lucrezia, the Italian wife, but then she went near a fountain thinking about her life in Milan with her sister. Septimus thought it was beautiful without any woman near because in this way his thoughts wouldn’t have been interrupted, but suddenly he was interrupted by the arrival of Lucrezia. The doctor suggested her to keep her husband’s attention on the real things, for this Lucrezia tried to convince her man to look at some sheep. Nearby, there was a woman walking, Maisie Johnson, who looked at the couple and lost in her thoughts she wondered how she would like to be at home, in Edinburgh. Mrs. Dempster was looking at her and was thinking she (Maisie) didn’t know anything because she was not married and she hadn’t already had a child. The plane was still flying and a man looking at it was in front of St. Paul’s Cathedral wandering if enter it or not. At the end he decided to enter the Cathedral.