1984 di George Orwell: trama in inglese

1984: breve trama in lingua inglese del romanzo scritto da George Orwell (1 pagine formato doc)

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Nineteen eighty four (1984), George Orwell.

The novel is about a future England, called Airstrip One that was included in a totalitarian system including North America, South Africa and Australia. This system is ruled by the Party and controlled by the Big Brother.
The novel is divided in three parts:
1.    description of the protagonist Winston Smith
2.    description of his love for Julia and the happiness of this relationship
3.    the Winston’s imprisonment and torture by the Thought Police and the final lost of his moral and intellectual integrity.


Through this novel Orwell shows a sense of lost and the idea that all emotions and values belong to the past. Infact the protagonist Winston Smith is the last man to believe in human values in a totalitarian time.

Orwell uses the commonest English surname, Smith, to suggest his symbolic value and the name Winston to evoke Churchill’s patriotic appeals for “blood, sweat and tears” during the Second World War. Winston is middle-aged and physically weak so he hasn’t the traditional characteristics of the hero. He works at the Ministry of Truth and he wants to maintain a spiritual and moral integrity so when he was alone he writes on an old diary trying to remain sane in a such disorienting world. In the first and in the second part of the novel Orwell expresses his views through Winston so the protagonist of the novel and the narrator seem like one.


In this novel Orwell mixed various genres and styles, putting together documentary realism with parody and satire. And the book became increasingly pessimistic and violent in the last part which is about Winston’s final defeat. The novel set in a squalid London and is an anti-utopian novel because it shows possible future ideal societies that ridicule existing condition of society. Orwell described a terrible future under the constant control of Big Brother: there isn’t privacy because there are some telescreens watching and hearding everything people do and say. Love is forbidden and the country is always in a state of war. The Party controls the press and language and history and introduces a new official language called Newspeak, whose lexis is so limited that people find it impossible to express their ideas. Any form of rebellion is punished with prison, torture and liquidation. With this novel Orwell doesn’t offer consolation but expresses his sense of history and his simpaty with the millions of people murdered in the name of the totalitarian ideologies of the 20th century.


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