Otello di William Shakespeare: riassunto

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Analisi dei personaggi e temi principali di Otello. Riassunto dettagliato per atti in lingua inglese di Otello di William Shakespeare (8 pagine formato doc)


Othello by William Shakespeare.
Duke of Venice
Otello, a general in the service of Venice
Cassio, lieutenant to Othello
Iago, Othello’s ancient
Roderigo, a Venetian, suitor of Desdemona
Desdemona,  Othello’s wife
Brabantio, Desdemona’s father
Emilia, Iago’s wife, lady-in-waiting to Desdemona
Lodovico, kinsman of Barbatio
Montano, citizen of Cyprus
Gratiano, a brother of Brabantio
Bianca, a courtesan (mistress to Cassio).

Riassunto di Otello


BRIEF SUMMARY - Shakespeare, ACT 1.

At the opening of the play, Iago and Roderigo are engaged in a conversation about Othello who has just eloped with Desdemona who has refused Roderigo’s offer of marriage.
We learn from Iago’s words that he hates his general Othello and Othello’s lieutenant, Cassio. He advises Roderigo to inform Brabantio of his daughter’s elopement. Brabantio doesn’t approve the marriage between  Othello and his daughter but the Duke consents to the marriage after Desdemona’s words, also because he needs Othello’s help to fight the Turks in Cyprus. In the end Desdemona and Iago leave for Cyprus and Roderigo joins the expedition to pursue Desdemona’s courtship.

Otello e Shakespeare: riassunto


ACT 2. Iago and Desdemona arrive on Cyprus where they’re welcomed by Cassio, a kind and good-looking man.      
Othello lieutenant’s courtesy  suggests a terrible plan to Iago: he will  discredit  Cassio and Desdemona and he will work a revenge against Othello, who is suspected, in Iago’s mind, to have been Emilia’s lover. Moreover he takes   advantage of  Roderigo’s love for Desdemona to commit his revenge.
During  the night the Turks’ ships were defeated by a storm, so when Othello arrives on Cyprus, he can proclaim a general feast to celebrate the victory.
Iago contrives to get Cassio drunk and involves him in a such barbarous brawl with Roderigo that Othello discharges him immediately. Next, Iago advises Cassio to go in Desdemona’s suit to speak about his situation and he orders his wife, Emilia, to prepare an interview, because after a conversation with Othello, she could help him to have his job.

Tutto su William Shakespeare


ACT 3. This act is the key of the play, Iago puts in practice his perfidious project: he insinuates in Othello the doubt that his wife is unfaithful and that she has a relation with Cassio. And when Desdemona promises to serve Cassio’s cause, more she is persistent, more Othello become jealous, but he wants some proofs . So Iago decides to show the Moor what he wanted; thanks to his unaware wife he obtains a napkin which Othello had given to Desdemona as a wedding present and he puts it in Cassio’s house.
ACT 4. Othello’s suspicions are confirmed when he sees Cassio holding the napkin, that he had found in his house. Othello thinks of his wife as a “fair devil” and has appointed Iago his new lieu¬tenant in place of Cassio. Although Iago’s plan is making rapid progress, Roderigo is still impatient for Desdemona’s favors, which Iago has promised to secure for him. At Iago’s suggestion, Roderigo agrees to kill his rival in love, Cassio, but he wounds Roderigo and Iago intervenes  in the dark, hits Cassio and kills Roderigo.