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PARKS IN LONDON PARKS IN LONDON Parks are a very important part of any big city.
They provide green open space where people can walk, play games or do sport and exercise. Part of London's charm lies in its beautiful parks and gardens, famous all over the world. Of all the green that London offers Londoners and visitors, the Royal Parks are the loveliest and the most varied. They are the property of the Crown and were originally the grounds of royal homes and palaces. Today they are open to the public and make a special contribution to urban living. They are the longs of the city. There are fife Royal Parks in Central London.
HYDE PARK Originally it was a hunting forest belonging to Henry VIII. Together with Cansington Gardens, it is the largest and the most crowded of London's parks. In spring and summer you can see many horse riders in Rottern Row; on fine days people take out rowing and sailing boats on the Serpentine lake or play games such as football and bowls. In the afternoons and evening, and especially on saturdays and sundays, you will see great crowds of people on the corner of Hyde Park near Marble Arch. Here on “Speakers' Corner”, anyone can stand on a box and espress his opinion to the crowd. Speaker after speaker talks about religion, racism and life's inequalities. Surrounded by a noisy crowd, they discuss anything they like, they may even attack British institutions like Parlament or the Monarchy, ignoring the police who may be walking by. The job of the police is to stop any physicalviolence that may occur. Political parties and religious bodies have their official speakers, too. The Salvation Army, in their distinctive uniforms, attracts a great crows, they sing hymns, read passages from the Bible, preach and pray. Speaking at Speakers' Corner doesn't require any qualifications if you are able to face the people in the audience who cry out comments about what you are saying. The best thing about Speakers' Corner is that no-one takes it too seriously. REGENT'S PARK It was part of Henry VIII's huntings forest in the 16th century. Today it contains the London zoo with about 8,000 animals of 900 species and an artificial lake which is a bird paradise. In the open-air theatre you can see performances, mostly of Shakespeare's plays. KENSINGTON GARDEN This park is the richest in vegetation. The Flower Walk is full of flowers and ornamental trees in almost every week of the year. It is the children's favourite park. Here they can play with model boats on the artificial lake, called Round Pond. Other attractions are the famous statue of Peter Pan, and the Serpentine Gallery where young artist exhibit their works. ST. JAMES'S PARK It is the most aristocratic and the oldest of London's parks, with nice views of Buckingham palace. In the park there is St. James's palace where Henry VIII and many of his successors lived. In the middle of the park there's a lake with ducks, pelicans and others birds. Tourist and office-warkers e