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Jane Austen - The story takes place in the 19th century in the English province.

The quiet life of a village it upset by Mr. Byngley’s and his family’s arrival. He is a rich man from London. The Bennet family receive him like a good friend especially Mrs. Bennet who’d like one of her five daughters to get married with him. During a ball Jane, the oldest of the five sister, knows Mr. Byngley and everybody says that they are a beautiful couple.
On the contrary Elisabeth Bennet is hurt by Mr. Darcy’s conceited behaviour. One day Jane goes and sees Mr. Byngley’ s family but she falls ill and she must remain there.

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Elisabeth, who loves her sister very much, goes to help her. When they came back home, they know some army officers, among which Mr. Wickham who seems very nice. Elisabeth talks with him and is told that he was Mr. Darcy’s childhood friend. Wickham tells her also that Mr. Darcy was a very proud boy and that when his father died he did not respect his intention to provide for his protégée. Meanwhile Elisabeth, goes to Rosings to visit Charlotte. There she knows Lady Catherine De Bowrgh, a very proud lady and Mr. Darcy’s aunt. In fact Darcy arrived at Rosing with his cousin Mr. Fitawiliam, who tells Elisabeth that Darcy was the instrument of the separation between Jane and Bingley.

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After a few days Darcy proposes to Elisabeth, telling her at the same time how upset he is because she is only a member of the middle-class and so much of a lower social position Elisabeth is offended, furious and she refuses him harshly, accusing him of awing destroyed Jane and Mr. Wickham’ s happiness. On the day after Darcy gives her letter in which he explains his position and asks for pardon. Elisabeth must go home but she is too upset to tell Jane her story. After another few weeks Elisabeth goes with her uncle’s family to Northern England and visits Darcy’s house, thinking that he is not at home. But he is. He show himself very nice to her uncle and aunt. Elisabeth is very surprised.

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They talk about their previsions meeting and both Elisabeth and Darcy admit that they were wrong and too proud. So they mate friends again. Meanwhile Mr. Coardiner receives a letter in which Mr. Bennet explains that Lydia has escaped with Wickham. Elisabeth is very worried because she knows from Darcy that Wickham is not an honest man, so she comes back home with her uncle while Darcy goes to London in secret, finds the fugitives and convinces Wickham to marry Lydia.