Prima e seconda generazione dei poeti romantici

Appunti schematici in inglese sulla prima e la seconda generazione dei poeti (5 pagine formato doc)

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William Wordsworth (1770-1850) The manifesto of English romanticism • Poets were characterized by the attempt to theorize about poetry • The aim of lyrical ballads is making interest foe the reader speaking on the beauty of nature and ordinary things • Coleridge should deal with visionary topics, the supernatural, and mystery • Poetry should deal with everyday situations or incidents and with ordinary people, the language should be simple Man and the natural world • Wordsworth is interested in the relationship between the natural word and the human consciousness • His poetry offers: complex interaction between man and nature, insights, emotions and sensations • One of the most important concepts of W.
is the idea that man and nature are inseparable • Nature comforts man in sorrow it is a source of pleasure that teaches man to love, to act in a moral way The importance of the senses and of memory • Nature means also the world of sense perceptions (sensibility of eye and ear) • Memory is a major force in the progress of growth of the poet’s mind and moral character • Memory allows to the poet to give poetry its life and power..