Riassunto in inglese dell'opera di George Bernard Shaw (2 pagine formato doc)

Appunto di maverick1984
Act I The first act begins while a lady and her daughter in evening dress were peering out gloomily at the rain, they were waiting for Freddy who had gone to find a cab.
Suddenly he rushed in out of the rain from Southampton Street side, and came between them closing a dripping umbrella. The daughter of the lady tried to force him to go out into the rain to find a taxi even if it was impossible. Since he was in hurry he crashed with a common flower girl, making fall her basket. Then a military gentlemen entered from the rain and the flower girl tried to sell a flower to him but he refused it. A bystander decided to advice the girl to be careful because there was a police informer who was writing all what she had done and said.
The reaction of the flower girl was hysterical, she said that she was only a poor and honest girl, believing he was a cop. The man showed the ability to determinate where a person came from, listening to his accent. He bet with the gentleman that he could have made a duchess out of the flower girl, moreover he found that the gentleman was Colonel Pickering, a famous scholar of Indian dialects who had come to meet him.