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Dickens: Oliver Twist.
The novel begins in the early 1800. A young woman arrives at a workhouse in a small town north of London, here she gives birth to a boy and then dies. The child is given the name Oliver Twist and is put into a workhouse orphanage until the age of nine, when he’s transferred to the workhouse itself. Here all the young boys are poorly fed. One of the episode of this novel takes place at meal time in the large stone hall in which the boys are fed, in fact each boy has only one dish and no more, so they are so hungry that hell a council in which they decide who should walk up to the master to ask more food, and it fell to Oliver. He thus ask for more food and the reactions to his request are underline by the author who wants to point out that Oliver is consider to be a criminal because he spokes up against authority.
Finally Oliver is imprisoned and will be sell for five pounds...