Charlotte Bronte e Jane Eyre

La vita di Charlotte Bronte e recensione del suo romanzo Jane Eyre (1 pagine formato doc)

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Charlotte Bronte (1816 – 1855).

She came from a talented family, her sister was a writer and her father was a clergyman and he educated his daughter at home.
Her family moved to the Yorkshire, she lived in the moors that was in a lonely and isolated place.
Her mother died and she was first to study in a school for children of clergyman with a typical Victorian education that was a terrible experience of this period.
She went to Bruxel to study.
She wad marriage and worked as a governess and this is the inspiration of her novels.

Jane Eyre: recensione


Charlotte Bronte: Jane Eyre.

Is inspired to her life. Different elements of different kinds of novels are integrate in this novel:
•    Elements of romantic novel: love story, feelings and emotions are explore.
•    Gothic elements: aspect of terror, mystery, secrets and ghostly atmosphere.
•    Novel of formation: follow someone life of a person to the beginning to the end, exploring the people formation.
Jane is a young orphan, she grow up with her aunt that is cruel, rich and one day she fights with her cousin and she is locked in a room and believes, thinks she see the ghost of her uncle and this is a gothic element.
A doctor suggest the family to send J.A. to a school call Lowood school, where the teacher and the ambient are repressive.     
Jane is unhappy, but she have a friend, Ellen but she dies because she was hill.
Jane grow up and becomes a teacher and a governess for Mr. Rochester that have a daughter, Adele. Mr. is a mysterious man, appears to feel superior to any woman, he is marriage with a French dancer.
Jane falls in love with him and he falls in love with her.


One night there firer in Mr. room, Jane wakes up at night because she hears a woman screaming and then she saves Mr.
Jane asks him who is the woman screaming…was a servant, Grace Poole. The fire was only in Mr. room.
Mr. thanks her and proposing to Jane to marriage him. The wedding day arrive, but is interrupting by someone…he can’t marriage her because he is marriage with Berta.
In realty the woman screaming isn’t Grace Poole, but Berta! That have mental problems.
So Jane decided to don’t marriage him and she go away. She doesn’t want to stay with a marriage man.
Time passes and one day she hear the voice of Mr. calling her and she goes back to him.
He says that was another accident, where his wife is died and he is became bland.
In the end they marriage and have a baby.