Riassunto di Dracula

Riassunto in inglese del libro Dracula (3 pagine formato doc)

Appunto di sasiasjon
Riassunto di Dracula  - Jonathan Harker was an estate agent who was trying to sell an old house in London to Count Dracula.
Harker went to Budabest  and he stayed at the Hotel Royal. Then he went to Bistritz, a town near the castle of Dracula. The inhabitants tried to convince him to not go to Dracula’s castle and an old woman had put a cross on his neck. 
Later Harker  went to the Dracula’s castle through a very dangerous way with a lot of wolfs.

He ate and he talked with Dracula. The castle was very strange with a lot of locked door but Harker’s room was very comfortable and warm.
One morning while Harker was shaving himself Dracula come into his room and Harker cut himself accidentally and Dracula tried to attack him attracted by his blood but he touched the cross on Harker’s neck and he immediately moved back.

Also Harker noted that Dracula could not see in the mirror and Dracula thrown the mirror out of the window.