Riassunto sul Feudalismo in Inghilterra

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l'ascesa e il declino del feudalismo in Inghilterra e sui vari campi artistici nel Medioevo (1 pagine formato doc)

Riassunto sul Feudalismo in Inghilterra - At the time of the Norman invasion, England was an agricultural country.
The villages were populated by peasants who lived in small cottages, clustered round the manor house, a stone building where the lord lived. The other stone building of the village was the church.  The villagers were divided into three classes: the freemen, the villeins and the cottagers. The freemen were the most privileged and they were legally free. The villeins were attached to the soil because they couldn’t live lord's house without permission and they constituted work force. The third class were the cottagers who were much inferior.
They worked in their spare time as wage-earnes for the lord. The middle ages saw the birth of yeoman. 

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The terms was used to denote the servants of a king or nobleman and later applied to artisans or tradesmen. 
Women gradually grew in importance. Some noblewomen held economic and political power, administering feuds and even kingdoms. Aristocratic women could also exercise considerable power by their possession of land. This often made them passive objects of exchange in marriage contracts, but once the marriage took place they could enjoy certain economic rights and independence.