Energie rinnovabili e gli incidenti nucleari

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Climate is changing due to fossil fuels emitted into the air.
All economic activity that requires energy consumption contributes to these emissions producing these so-called “greenhouse gasses”.
Greenhouse gasses are mainly produced by :
-energy sector,transport,agriculture and industry.
These gasses are dangerous to our environment because their heating effect(il loro effetto di riscaldamento) is analogous to the manner in which the glass of a greenhouse traps the sun’s radiation to warm the air inside the greenhouse.
Solar heats is trapped in the lower part of the Earth’s atmosphere, the troposphere.
This warmed air radiates energy in all directions some of the sun radiations works its way up and out  of atmosphere but some finds its way back down to the Earth’s surface.
So our planet is getting warmer and warmer.
For these reasons we talk about “GLOBAL WARMING”
This could cause :
-drought (siccità)
-semi-desert instead of places that grow crops.
-forests could decline and change
-wildlife would have to find new habitats
-due to ice melting, large areas of lower land could me submerged.
For slow down this effect we can use alternative ways of energy.
Sources of Energy
Fossil fuels :
(Coal) is needed for heating, generate electricity and transport..