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sublime, romanticismo, Wordsworth (Vita, Lyrical ballads, Daffodils), Coleridge (Vita, The Rime of the ancient mariner), Byron (Vita, Don Juan) (6 pagine formato doc)

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Riassunto di letteratura inglese - SUBLIME. Burke, in his “Philosophical enquiry into the origin of our ideas of the sublime and beautiful”, tried to provide a definition of “sublime” in nature by pointing out its causes and effects, finding these causes in external aspects of nature, which may be simultaneously horrible and beautiful.
Burke proposed a modified concept of the beautiful, which he theorized in accordance with the trends of the time.
He says that the effects of the sublime are astonishment, admiration, reverence, respect, saying that the sublime is always founded on terror, which he considers its “ruling principle”. 
The causes of the sublime are the idea of pain and death, which are so affecting that no man is free from terror and emotion.