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i vari tipi di rappresentazioni drammatiche nel corso del Medioevo in Inghilterra (1 pagine formato doc)

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Riassunto sul medieval drama - The 15th century was rich in plays.
It saw the flourishing of medieval drama which would pave the way for the great Elizabethan theatre. The medieval play was born in the rituals of the church. The clergy had always proved to pass the principal events of the Christian religion to an illiterate populace by dramatic performances. In Italy St. Francis had represent the Christ’s nativity with a real child in the cradle, surrounded by real people and animals. 

Little by little, scenic effect were added and this produced a gradual evolution from liturgical drama to miracle and mystery plays and Latin was replaced by the vernacular. As the miracle plays grew in popularity, performances inside churches became more difficult because of the growing size of the audience.
So the plays were began to be performed out of doors in other open spaces of the town. Miracle plays are grouped into four cycles, by the names of the towns where they were performed: Chester, york, Coventry and Wakefield.