The Canterville Ghost: riassunto

Riassunto in inglese del libro "The Canterville Ghost" e breve biografia di Oscar Wilde (2 pagine formato doc)

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The Canterville Ghost, Oscar Wilde.

This book talks about an American family. There were six people in the Otis family: Mr Hiram B. Otis, his wife Lucretia (beautiful and healthy), the oldest son Washington (tall, blond and good-looking), the twins and Virginia(15 years old, large blue eyes).
They thought America is much better than English, and they didn’t believe in Ghosts.
Mr Hiram B. Otis was rich and very important.
he decide to buy Canterville Chase from Lord Canterville, who said him that a Ghost lived there, he was the ancient owner: Sir Simon de Canterville, who had killed his wife Lady Eleonore de Canterville.
When the family arrived, Mrs Umney, the housekeeper, said them that the red stain on the library’s floor was the blood of Lady Eleonore. Washington cleaned it with a “Pinkerton’s champion cleaner”.
That night, there was a terrible storm. Next morning  the stain was there again. At eleven o’clock they all went to bed and the ghost decided to scare them, sometime later Mr Otis heard a strange noise in the corridor, there he met the ghost and said him that his chains were making a terrible noise and to put the Lubricator to stop them making a noise.

Il fantasma di Canterville: riassunto per capitoli


The ghost was very angry and surprised. He went to his secret room. On Sunday night, the ghost appeared again because he wanted to frighten the family with a suit of armour but he was sad because it was too heavy for him.
For some days he was very ill.
When he felt stronger, he decide to haunt the family again.
At midnight the ghost went along the corridor but he stopped because he has never seen another ghost before. He run away but when he went back to look for the other ghost he understood  that it wasn’t a ghost but one pumpkin with a knife and a curtain. He ran away but the twins continued to torment him.
In desperation he jumped into the fireplace.
One day when Virginia with Cecil, Duke of Cheshire ,went riding together and returned to the house, Virginia went up the back stairs. The door of one of the upstairs rooms was open and there was someone inside. She went inside the room and she saw the ghost. She decide to speak to him. They spoke about his wife. He killed her because she was ugly, she cooked badly and she didn’t look after his clothes.
In the evening the ghost asked her if she has seen the old writing on the library window and told to her about it. Virginia decided to help Sir Simon, then he opened the wall. She asked the Angel of Death to forgive him. Before he died the Ghost gave her a box of jewels. Mrs Otis sent the twins and Washington to look for her in the garden, while she and Mr Otis searched every room in the house. But nobody was able to find her. Mr Otis sent  telegrams to the police.