Romeo e Giulietta di Shakespeare: riassunto in inglese

Riassunto in inglese della tragedia di William Shakespeare, Romeo e Giulietta (2 pagine formato doc)

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Romeo and Juliet.

Romeo and Juliet, is a tragedy by William Shakespeare. The first printed edition appeared in 1597 but there were many other publications.
The play begins with a prologue.
The choir tells to the spectator: audience as two families nobles of Verona, the Montecchi and the Capulet, are opposed for generations.
The first action starts with a brawl of road among the servants of the two families, interrupted by the prince of Verona, that he will declare responsible the heads of the two families to then disperse the crowd. Paride, a noble young, has asked the Capulet to give in wife the thirteen year daughter, Juliet. Capulet invites it to attract from it the attention during the masked ball of the following day, while the Juliet mother try to convinces her to accept the Paride offers. Romeo is fall in love with Rosalina, a Capulet. Mercuzio and Benvolio look for to dissuading Romeo from his melancholy, and then they decide to go disguised to the Capulet house. Romeo, that hopes to see Rosalina to the dance, meets instead Juliet.


The two young after few words, fall in love and they kiss each other. First that the dance ends, the nanny says Juliet the name of pilgrim. Romeo stays in the Capulet garden after the end of the party, and in the famous scene of the balcony, the two declares their love and they decide to get married in secret. The following day the monk Laurence joins in marriage Romeo and Juliet, hoping so to bringing peace among the two families across the they union. But soon Tibaldo, cousin of Juliet, meets Romeo and try to provoke it to a duel. Romeo refuses of fights against him, but Mercuzio accepts the challenge. Trying to separate them, Romeo allows to Tibaldo to hurt Mercuzio that dies. Romeo, in the anger, kills Tibaldo.
The prince condemns Romeo to the exile; he must leave the city before the dawn of the following day. The two now married spend together an only night of love. At dawn they are separated and Romeo runs away to Mantova.
However Juliet has to get married three days after with Paris. Monk Laurence, experienced in medicinal grasses, gives Juliet a potion that will bring her to catalepsy for forty-two hours. Meantime the monk sends a messenger to inform Romeo so that he reaches her when she woke up and avoid together to Mantova.


Unfortunately the messenger doesn't reach Romeo because Mantova is under quarantine for the plague, and Romeo gets to know from a servant of the family of the Juliet funeral. Romeo finds a poison, returns to Verona in secret and goes in the Capulet crypt, determined to unite to Juliet in the death. After that he has killed in duel Paris, who comes in the crypt, he has looked tenderly Juliet a last time, he drinks the poison. When Juliet wakes, finding the dead lover, she is pierced through with his dagger. In the final scene, the two families and the prince hastens to the grave, where monk Laurence reveals them the love and the secret marriage of Romeo and Juliet. The two families are reconciled from the blood of their sons, and they put the end to their war.
Romeo and Juliet is a medieval play.