Romeo e Giulietta in inglese

Riassunto breve dell'opera di William Shakespeare Romeo e Giulietta in inglese (2 pagine formato doc)

Appunto di ceottoalitoso


Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare. One day two Capulet’s servant met two Montague’s servant: they start fight.

Later arrive old Capulet and his wife and old Montague and his wife and they joined in the fight. Fortunaly arrive Prince Escalus the rappresentant of political justice and do finish the fight and the people come back.
After the fight Benvolio, Montague’s nephew, discover that Romeo is in love whit a girl call Rosaline who doesn’t love him. Benvolio telling to forget her but he replies who she his the most beautiful girl he know.
Meanwhile Count Paris is telling for the Juliet’s hand, and her father tell him who he will know Juliet during the feast what he usually does in this time of year. Old Capulet tell servants who they want give the invite at the guest. However, the servant can’t read and, when they are out, call Romeo if he can read it for them and he read but he find the Rosaline name and decide to go to the party.


After lady Capulet and Juliet’s nurse tell Juliet who she want married whit Count Paris and Juliet replied she don’t want married.
Romeo and Benvolio go to the Capulet feast but also if they are wearing masks a person discover who are they but it decide to don’t tell who they are. Meanwhile Romeo is dancing whit Juliet and he fall in love whit she and he confesses his love. Also Juliet fall in love whit he.
After the feast two young lovers discover who his/her girl/boyfriend is his/her greatest enemy.
During the night Romeo goes under Juliet’s balcony and he listen her voice. She is telling is love for Romeo and she tell who, because their best enemy are their names, she want to refuse her name for married Romeo, he tell who for merry she he can change name and they declare they’re love, they said who they become wife and daughter.

Romeo e Giulietta in inglese: riassunto


Friar Lawrence, Romeo’s confessor, accept to merry Romeo and Juliet and they come are merry.
Late, in afternoon, in a fight Tybalt, a Capulet servant, kill Mercutio, a Romeo’s friend, and Romeo kill him. During the night Juliet attend Romeo but the nurse tell she who Romeo have killed Tybalt and who he is hiding in the Friar Lawrence’s cell. Juliet tells her who she must to go tell Romeo who he wants to go on her balcony. Later Romeo arrives and they have their wedding night.
Juliet mother and father decide who Juliet’s marriage to Count Paris on following Thursday and when Juliet tell them who she is marriage whit Romeo they becoming very angry and they tell her who she must marriage he.