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WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE Shakespeare wrote his sonnets using the Elizabethan form: 3 quatrains and a concessive couplet, all in linking rhyme.
The principal themes og his sonnets were love, time but also beauty, daeth and friendship. Some of his pieces are addressed to a young man probably an aristocrat who was also Shakespeare's patron, while the others are addressed to a mysterious “Dark Lady” SONNET 18 In the sonnet the poet begins by comparing the young man to a sunny day, because the man's youth is similar to a nature in full became. But summer in England is often short and the weather in changeable with strong winds.
This instability can not be comparing with the harmony of young's man beauty, but at the some time it's true that the youth will not last in eternity, for this reason it is not nature, but only in art that Shakespeare can make the idea of young man immortal, and it's important to note that this aspect confirms the presence of platonic love. SONNET 6O Shakespeare doesn't addressed this sonnet only at the young man but he talks about the human condition in general. In the first part of the poem he compares the inexarable passing of minutes with the futile movement of the waves. Just as each wave as soon as it reaches the share is replaced by the next our life pass quickly. In the second part he present man's life as a fast succession of birth, youth and old age. Then he talks about the destructive effect of time. SONNET 130 Shakespeare was married, but he wrote many sonnets to another lady whose we don't know anything, and for this reason she is called the mysterious “Dark Lady”. The poems reject many of the traditional conventions of Elizabethan love poetry, for example the ideal perfection and beauty of the beloved. In fact in the sonnet he presents the lady exactly as she is in reality: she doesn't have eyes like the sun, she doesn't have red lips, she speak is not music at all, she doesn't walk like a goddess. So we can note that Shakespeare give us a realistic description of the woman. But at the and of the sonnet the declare that he loves his lady for all these defects which only he can appreciate