"Sons and Lovers" di D.H.Lawrence

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D.H. Lawrence - Sons and Lovers


When Gertrude was 23 years old, she met Walter Morel, she came from an old, respected family and she was interested in religion and philosophy, Morel was an instinctive man and worked as a coal miner.
They fell in love and married but after the birth of the first child, William, they began to argue and Morel often came back home very drunk. After Paul's birth she became increasingly distant from Morel and her love was all for her children. Unfortunately Gertrude and Morel still fought and the children were always on their mother's side.

When Paul was fourteen he found a job, he liked it but it was difficult and made his health suffer.

William, the oldest brother, moved to London with his wife and he became ill and after he died of pneumonia. Also Paul became ill but he didn't die, after his illness he began to spend a lot of time at Willey farm and became good friend with Miriam.
They were intimate friends but their friendship was still innocent. Then Miriam fell in love with Paul, but Paul's mother was against this love.

When Paul was twenty, Miriam introduced her friend Clara to Paul, Clara was older than Miriam and she was separated from her husband. Paul told Miriam that he didn't love her because in his opinion the girl wanted only his soul. Paul and Clara started working in the same place and they became more and more intimate, then he broke up with Miriam and became Clara's lover.