st Paul's Cathedral

The designe of St. Paul’s Cathedral, its main exterior characteristics and the interior characteristics (1 pagine formato doc)

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Paul's Cathedral was influenced by: Michelangelo Borromini Bramante Borromini It conveys of elegance and solidity. Its main exterior characteristics are: It is the cathedral of the city of London It replaced the old Gothic cathedral destroyed in the great fire of London in 1666 It was begun in 1675 and was finished in 1710 It has a Latin cross plan It is a Renaissance building It has two storeys It has two Baroque towers above the double portico façade It has an upper and lower portico in the front It has a great dome The lower inner drum, its peristyle, the upper drum and the lantern are of stone The drum is surrounded by columns A balustrade runs round the dome A kind of attic decorated with pilasters and square windows is above the drum The lantern above the dome is surmounted by a cross The pediment contains a relief The curved surface of the dome with vertical ribs is of lead on a wooden structure The columns on the ground floor are coupled The interior characteristics are: Amplitude Great ornamentation There are the equestrian monument to Wellington, the monument to Nelson The wrought-iron gates of the choir The stalls carved by G. Gibbons The crypt (where Wren is buried) .